Beyond Global Business Promotion & Connection: A Platform for Trade and Investment Partnerships


On December 7, 2023, the Global City Ho Chi Minh City hosted the “Beyond Global Business Promotion & Connection” event, which attracted around 300 foreign corporations and Vietnamese businesses that have invested in Việt Nam. The event was jointly organised by the Investment and Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC), the Vietnam International Investment Trade Development Club (VITD), and the chambers of commerce of Germany (GBA), Poland (PAIH), Malaysia (MATRADE and MBC), and Singapore (SCCV). The program aimed to provide a networking platform for domestic and foreign enterprises to find trade and investment partners from various countries.

Mr. Ingo Brandenburg, a board member of the GBA, represented the chamber and delivered the opening remarks. He praised the event as a platform for domestic and foreign enterprises to interact and explore trade and investment opportunities from different countries. He said, “Vietnam attracts German investors who want to diversify and reduce dependence on other regions. Vietnam’s green growth and decarbonization open new opportunities for German investors to share their skills and support sustainable development. Germany is one of the largest investors in Vietnam, with over 700 enterprises, 100,000 jobs, and 10 billion USD. We celebrate a special occasion to enhance and extend the global business ties between the international chambers of commerce and the vibrant Vietnamese business community. I believe this opportunity will create an unmatched platform for lasting business partnerships. I congratulate all the business nominees and awardees. Your achievements show the importance of building solid foundations for future growth, regardless of your size or sector. As we face today’s challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities, I hope the award winners’ success stories will inspire others to use the local economic potential and compete well in the future economy.”

Mr. Tran Phu Lu, the director of the ITPC, expressed his desire to connect the chambers of commerce of different countries operating in Vietnam with Vietnamese businesses. He also hoped to facilitate the promotion of diverse and multidimensional trade among the participating countries through this event.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of the 2023 “Beyond Global Outstanding Award” to 18 businesses nominated by the various participating chambers of commerce. It was an honour to witness six GBA members achieve the prestigious awards “Beyond Global Outstanding Business 2023”. They are: Deutsche Bank, Rödl & Partner, Bayer, Bosch, FPT Software, Nestlé. The awards showcased Team Europe’s remarkable contributions and innovations in the Vietnamese market. We are very proud of our home teams who received well-deserved awards.

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