German Business Association – Connected in Business since 25 years


To work for the best possible market environment and operating conditions for German companies in Vietnam, which includes legal certainty, skilled staff, a proper supply chain and a suitable infrastructure

To actively encourage and support further German investment in Vietnam in close cooperation with other German stakeholders

To represent its members’ interests towards local authorities and strive for a high visibility and reputation of the German business community

To act as a competence center for its members, facilitating helpful information on business in Vietnam and establishing new contacts within the local community

To create opportunities for professional as well as social exchange and promote German business culture and values.

Being a member of the German Business Association means to be connected with over 300 organizations: German global players, LEs and SMEs as well as international and local Vietnamese organizations with ties to Germany. As a part of the GBA you show your connection to Germany, increase your visibility and deepen your relationships. 

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