GBA in Media 2020

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Exploring the Diverse Market Landscapes of Cambodia: The German Delegation Journey

Cambodia’s thriving investment landscape, characterized by a stable political climate, robust economic growth, and a favorable investment environment, has become a beacon for international business expansion. The country’s unique economic and cultural milieu offers invaluable insights and opportunities, particularly for German and European companies looking to broaden their business horizons. In a significant move to […]

GBA x Hanoi Radio Television: Vietnam – The New Focal Point of the Asian Region

Click here>>> to watch the full interview in Vietnamese. Click here>>> for the full interview script in English. Mr. Alexander Ziehe, Chairman of the German Business Association in Vietnam, recently participated in an interview with Hanoi Radio Television titled “Vietnam – A New Focal Point in Asia.” During this discussion, he shared insights on Vietnam’s […]

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Vietnam: A Green Destination for German FDIs

Green, sustainable growth is the global economic goal. Vietnam is leading the charge with ambitious targets set for 2050, aiming to reduce net emissions to zero and increase the scale of the green economy from $6.7 billion in 2020 to $300 billion in the total national GDP. To reach these goals, Vietnam is focusing on […]

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GBA x Hanoi Radio Television: ESG: A Competitive Advantage and an Opportunity for Vietnam

In a recent interview with Hanoi Television, GBA Co-Chairman Mr. Torben Minko shared his insights on the importance and benefits of ESG (environment, society, governance) for businesses and investors. He also discussed the challenges and opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam to adopt ESG practices and standards. Mr. Minko explained that ESG […]

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GBA x Hanoi Radio Television: Vietnam – A Potential Market for German FDI

Stable politics, transparent policies, technological innovation, abundant labor, and increasingly improved infrastructure are important factors that make Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general become a potential investment destination for German FDI investors. In recent years, Vietnam has increasingly attracted many foreign investors, in which Hanoi is one of the leading localities in the country […]

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[Press Release] GBA Successfully Delivers Key Changes in 2023 to Bolster Local & German Business Growth

Ho Chi Minh City, December 18th – The German Business Association in Vietnam (GBA) had its most active year yet with 70 new members and corporate partners since 2022; more than 20,000 participants at 70 cultural, social & business-focused events; and countless improvements to GBA operations and communications to support the German community’s continued prosperity […]

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GBA x Vietnam Investment Review: The German Mark on Vietnam over the Decades

What has German investment and trade in Vietnam looked like over the past 35 years? Germany and Vietnam have established diplomatic relations since 1975 and have developed a strong partnership over the past 35 years. Germany is Vietnam’s largest trading partner within the EU, with a bilateral trade volume of around $15.2 billion in 2021. […]

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GBA x Vietnam Investment Review: The Move Towards Effectively Implementing EPR in Vietnam

Members of the German Business Association are strongly driven by sustainability. Since we have many manufacturing companies and related supply and service providers in our members, extended producer responsibility (EPR) is now a core topic for most of them to adapt to in their strategies and execution. In particular, foreign-invested enterprises and direct local suppliers […]