[Recap] Workshop: Export Finance – Benefits of German Export Finance in Vietnam

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On May 28th, the German Business Association (GBA), in partnership with the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SGC)​ and Deutsche Bank​, hosted an insightful workshop at Bayer Vietnam’s office. The session, titled “Export Finance – Benefits of German Export Finance in Vietnam,” attracted 30 attendees.

The workshop featured keynote speakers Alexandra Lutz, Divisional Head of the Competence Center for German Export Finance at SGC, and Markus Leichum, Director at Deutsche Bank, Regional Coverage ASEAN. They delved into the structure and advantages of the of Export Credit Guarantees, also known as Hermes Cover. These guarantees serve as a significant asset for German and Vietnamese businesses alike, offering capital investment optimization through cost-efficient and extended financing structures, underpinned by the German government.

The experts provided a detailed breakdown of the general structure, prerequisites, and advantages of export credit guarantee-backed finance solutions, highlighting longer repayment durations, reduced interest rates, and overall lower financing costs.

For Vietnamese Importers:

  1. Guaranteed Payments: Exporters receive funds only after verified performance.
  2. Varied Financing Options: ECA financing broadens funding avenues, bolstering financial health and liquidity.
  3. Extended Financing Terms: Favorable financing conditions last up to 22 years, diminishing refinancing risks and facilitating larger deals at competitive rates.

German Export Credit Agency’s significant track record in providing support worldwide in 2022:

    > Newly covered business: €15 billion and thereof

  • 83% in emerging economies and developing countries
  • 81% on SMEs
  • to 172 countries

    > Credit Rating: AAA

Couldn’t attend the workshop? Contact Ms. Alexandra Lutz at email or Markus Leichum at email for thorough assistance and insights into German Export Finance. 

We extend our deepest gratitude to our co-hosts, distinguished speakers, and Bayer Vietnam for their pivotal roles in the workshop’s success!

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