Dr. Oliver Massmann

GBA Board 2020 Dr Oliver Massmann

Dr. Oliver Massmann is an International Attorney at Law and a Financial Accountant and Auditor with PhD in International Business Law. Dr. Massman arrived in Vietnam in July 1990 and is currently the Partner and General Director of Duane Morris Vietnam LLC.

Speaking fluently Vietnamese, Dr. Massmann taught European law in courses and seminars held by the Ministry of Justice in the Vietnamese language and is recognized as Adjunct Professor to the Hanoi University of Foreign Trade. Besides, he is involved in the establishing process of a legal framework with regard to the very first laws on renewable energies in Vietnam as well as advises various companies and the Vietnamese Government on related projects. In June 2016, the National Assembly of Vietnam invited Dr. Oliver Massmann to present on the Impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in Vietnamese.

The European Commission in Brussels has appointed Dr. Massmann in January 2021 to be Lead Advisor for the implementation of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) until 2023. The EVFTA is one of the most important Free Trade Agreements for Vietnam.

Dr. Massmann graduated the Bochum Law University in 1994, first state exam and Ministry of Justice, Duesseldorf Germany, second state exam 1997, the German Judge Degree. He is holding a LLM degree in international taxation from St. Thomas University Florida in the U.S. He is certified as International Financial Accountant and Auditor by College of Birmingham. He is admitted to the Bar Association in Berlin and a licensed foreign lawyer with 20-year experience in Vietnam.