German Business Association’s Strategy Meeting 2023

GBA Strategy Meeting

After our successful AGM this year, the newly elected GBA Board started energetic and highly motivated to set the agenda and priorities for 2023.

We wish to ensure that you receive the best possible benefit from your membership with the German Business Association Vietnam.

During our Off-Site Strategy Workshop in Danang from the 10th to 11th February, we discussed various topics and set our priorities and the direction for this year. To warrant that your opinions and feedback are heard, we used the Membership Survey 2022 as basis for our workshop. As outcome to our meetings, we defined 3 key priority areas on which we will focus in 2023.

  • Transforming for Excellence – The strengthening of our office, the “backbone” of the GBA, is very important to us. We plan to hire an Executive Director, enlarge our office space, and invest in new communication tools, such as CRM and emailing software to serve our members better.
  • Substance Driven Business Content – The quality of our events will be further improved, and we plan to add more events with business focus for a wide range of company backgrounds. We will timely communicate all upcoming event formats, ensuring sufficient time in the planning process of our members.
  • Promotion of GBA Topics – We will focus on the specific needs of our GBA members and will work with you on solving issues you are facing.

To ensure that your feedbacks and needs are heard and followed up on, we assigned each GBA member a specific board member – the so called “Caretaker”. Feel free to contact your Caretaker or Office Team at <> at any time to receive further support directly from us.