International Startup Campus Market Exploration Visit in Vietnam


HCMC, Thursday 9 June – The International SEPT Competence Center at Universität Leipzig together with UEH Institute of Innovation organized an event to welcome the six German start-ups from the International Startup Campus (ISC) to Vietnam. The purpose of this visit was for the delegation to gather more insights on the country’s business landscape and to build bilateral relations with potential business partners in Vietnam.

On behalf of the German Business Association Vietnam (GBA), Chairman Alexander Götz delivered a keynote speech about the market opportunities and challenges for German companies and start-ups in Vietnam. He stated that: “While Vietnam recently becomes one of the top 3 countries in ASEAN for expansion or relocation, and more internationally active companies are considering it as a location for investment, Vietnam should also focus on enhancing its legal framework, infrastructure, and workforce to be ready to pick up the incoming flow of investment”

Together all participating members openly exchanged their interests and practical experiences through this event.


The SEPT Competence Center – A research and training center at Leipzig University dedicated to providing theoretical insight and practical experience in the management and promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide. SEPT has a long history in Vietnam and has numerous local activities.

International Startup Campus – A collaboration between the Universities Halle-Jena-Leipzig (Unibund Mitteldeutschland) to support the internationalization of startups.