GBA x VNews: “Greening” FDI investment capital in Ho Chi Minh City

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Ho Chi Minh City is proactively positioning itself to attract investment in high-quality sectors, aligning with global green development trends. This strategic focus not only ensures the city’s sustainable growth but also enhances export efficiency and operational effectiveness for foreign direct investment (FDI) enterprises. However, achieving these goals presents significant challenges that require decisive solutions.

Recently, Mr. Alexander Ziehe, Chairman of the German Business Association (GBA), and Mr. Han Thanh Hong, our esteemed member and General Director of Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam, participated in an interview with VNews.

Mr. Ziehe emphasized several key recommendations to facilitate FDI in Ho Chi Minh City:

  1. Infrastructure Enhancement: Address the congestion on roads leading to ports and major industrial zones. Improving transportation infrastructure is essential for seamless connectivity.
  2. Transparent Policies: Provide clear and transparent policies while ensuring timely communication about any changes. Clarity in regulations fosters investor confidence.
  3. Digital Transformation: Embrace digital technologies to streamline processes. Moving away from manual paperwork toward online systems with efficient code-based submissions will expedite administrative procedures and agency responses.
  4. Market Liberalization and Risk Mitigation: Promote market liberalization and foreign financial controls. Reducing risks associated with remittances and international investments is crucial. Additionally, efforts to enhance transportation sectors—such as airports and airlines—will encourage foreign professionals to settle permanently in the city.
  5. Incentivizing Green Investments: Implement attractive policies to encourage sustainable practices. Specifically:
    • Tax Reductions: Consider reducing taxes on energy-efficient machinery and equipment, as well as energy-saving technologies.
    • Financial Incentives: Support green technologies by offering financial incentives.
    • Acknowledging Private Sector Initiatives: Recognize and appreciate green initiatives from private enterprises. Encouraging their adoption will attract investment in clean energy.

Click here>>> to watch the full interview (in Vietnamese).