GBA Members for Members Workshop: Securing Transparency and Integrity in the Procurement Process

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02 March 2023 – The “GBA Members for Members Workshop: Securing Transparency and Integrity in Procurement Process” took place successfully at Deutsches Haus Ho Chi Minh City with approximately 40 participants. Hans-Joerg Kottmann, founder of our member company Integra-ITI is a procurement consultant and negotiation trainer who gave participating members insight into the psychology of negotiations and shared his recommendations of how to minimize and mitigate fraud risk when interacting with vendors.

An embedded exercise was used to illustrate the impact of a positive mindset on the outcome of negotiations with the lesson that power is subjective rather than objective. Hans further gave insight into the Harvard Model of Negotiations, explained the differences between compromise and win-win, the important distinction between position and interest, and further gave tips on how to steer a negotiation in one’s favor by applying methods like anchoring and BATNA. A later simulation exercise introduced the participants to the advantages of the relatively novel concept of game theory-based negotiation designs.

In his elaborations on fraud risk prevention the group was given new perspectives into the complexity of professional procurement. Real life stories brought the subject alive leading to recommendations in the area of organization, process, data, training, communication and tools which, when synchronously applied, help to prevent and deter fraud at the workplace.

We are looking forward to more “GBA Members for Members” workshops in 2023 which are certain to further inspire our community here in Vietnam.

Click HERE>>> to download the presentation deck “Securing Transparency and Integrity in the Procurement Process”