Andre de Jong

GBA Board 2021 Mr Andre de Jong

Mr Andre De Jong has been working for Bosch for almost 25 years in six countries around the world. Living and working in the ASEAN for 12 years (Vietnam for seven years and Cambodia five years), Mr. Jong has gathered not only experience representing Bosch professionally, but also representing German and European companies in various chamber positions. He used to be the Co-founder and Board Member of the German Myanmar Business Association in coordination with the AHK Myanmar. In EuroCham Cambodia, he was a Board Member, Treasurer, and the Chairman of the Real Estate and Construction (RECC) Working Group. In Bosch Vietnam, his work is related to 2-wheelers components, including electrification. Topics such as road safety, air pollution and the drive for electrification around the region are key focus areas and also drivers for German companies and government alike. Mr. De Jong has been an active GBA Board Member since 2021