Wiha Viet Nam Co., Ltd

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Address: Cong I Industrial zone Bach Quang Ward, Song Cong City, Thai Nguyen Province.

Telephone: +84 208 3709 390

Fax: +84 208 3762 523


Website: wiha.com

Premium tools for professionals
The world of manual tools consists of specific solution for certain uses and industries which also allow highly specialized applications. Looking at your product range with its over 4,300 products demonstrates this wealth of variety and highlight our strategy of always offering innovative products and to supply technically highly developed precision tools for efficient and economical use.
Innovation, quality and reliability are our company’s central values- ever since its foundation in 1939. Today, these principles more than ever constitute the basis of your success. As a medium-sized company operating world-wide with representatives all over the world and subsidiaries in the USA, Great Britain, France, Spain, Poland, China and Vietnam show the dynamic company strategy. We rely on strategic thinking, on permanent renewal in all areas, on technological leadership and most of all on the members of our workforce who are directly involved in our corporate processes.

Business category: Manufacturing
Employees in Vietnam: 450