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Address: No 11B Tran Quoc Toan, Hang Bai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Telephone: +84 247 3080 668


Email: info@up-co.vn

Website: up-co.vn

UP provides aUP provides a complete Working-experience-as-a-Service to companies of all sizes, from enterprises of multi-thousand employees down to the aspiring startup. Launched in 2016, UP was originally focused on facilitating the local startup community with a quality venue, service and impactful community events. Recognition from the market has paved the way for UP to quickly expand both our geological reach and our offerings.

For corporate clients, UP offers a comprehensive Find, Design, Build, Operate package, all tailored to client’s preferences. Combining our experience and our unique model, UP addresses corporate clients’ inherent needs in 3 aspects. First, financial superiority: by subscribing to UP on a /seat/month basis, clients can transition from huge upfront CAPEX to efficient billed-per-consumption OPEX. Second, flexible while stable: at UP, clients are able to reserve office space for future growth, thus able to stay and grow in the same place, meanwhile only paying for their current usage. Third, with diverse industry experience spanning from construction to office operation and community engagement, UP helps handle vendors more effectively across every aspect of running an office. From a cumbersome cost structure of rent, furniture capex & vendor management cost to a clear OPEX pay-per-seat model, from having to move to bigger offices every few year to a stable address, Up delivers an effective solution to corporate needs.

For small companies, Up Coworking offers the possibility to locate their office in prime locations, where a wide range of amenities and services are built-in: various working spaces from open space, dedicated desk, private office to equipped meeting rooms, phone booths, to supporting areas such as pantry, napping corner, pitching stages; community events for members from happy hours, celebration, exercise days, etc

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Managenment Consulting
Real Estate, Property Development
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