Thueringer Landstolz Vietnam Co., Ltd

Thueringer Landstolz Vietnam

Address: 125A Quoc Huong, Thao Dien, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh

Telephone: +84 937 172 271




Thueringer Landstolz Vietnam imports original traditional hand-crafted high-quality sausages from Thüringen, Germany with a selection of the specialty Thüringen Rostbratwurst, Currywurst, Bockwurst, Fränkische Mini-Bratwurst and Grillfackel as a starting base. We are adding more and more from our full range products…
Thueringer Landstolz Vietnam deliveries products to customers’ doorsteps and organizes and attends different kinds of networking events as well offers catering services.
Fleisch & Wurstwaren Schmalkalden GmbH Thüringen Landstolz was founded in 1990 with European approval for slaughter, cutting and processing as well as annual certifications by independent auditors/ control authorities.

Business Category: Consumer Staples – Food & Beverage
Number of employees in Vietnam: