Roeders Vietnam Company Limited

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Address: Lot E10-2 and Lot E11-1, N7B Road, Le Minh Xuan 3 IP, Le Minh Xuan commune, Binh Chanh District, HCM

Telephone: +84 28 3765 6327

Fax: +84 28 3765 6329



Roeders Vietnam Co., Ltd. belongs to the same group as the Roeders GmbH in Germany, which has a company history of more than 200 years and is well known for its high tech High Speed Cutting machines, blow moulds for PET bottles and pewter. Roeders Vietnam started in 2013 and step by step has built-up several fields of business activities. Those are

• Machines for Milling and Grinding and automation renown for highest precision and efficiency
• Mechanical Precision Machining equipped with highly precise machines for milling, grinding and turning
• Sheet Metal Production with newest laser cutting and bending machines as well as a paint shop
• PET Blow Mould Manufacturing on Roeders’ own High Speed Cutting machines
• Quality Assurance on several state of the art Zeiss coordinate measuring machines
Roeders Vietnam offers its production abilities in the region of South East Asia but also to European and American multinational companies

Business Category: Mechanical and sheet metal production; Distribute Roeders machines.
Number of employees in Vietnam: 115 employees