New Way Consultant Company

New way

Address: 33 Le Duan Street, 11th Floor, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Telephone: 35542678




Office: 33 Le Duan, 11th floor, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


New Way was first established as New Way Import and Export Company in 2014 and made a name for itself by focusing predominately on the trade of food & beverage and agricultural goods. In August 2020, New Way decided to transform its business model and became New Way Consultant Company.

Now, New Way Consultant Company’s mission is to bring success and balance to its clients and always strives to deliver excellent consulting services to small business clients as well as large corporations. Through a small team of experts, New Way is able to identify the issues hindering its clients and take immediate action in order to rebuild businesses and enable rapid growth. New Way works closely with clients in order cater to their specific business needs and to provide tools, plans and systems that not only improve a business but also the lives of the people behind the business. Some of the fundamental tools, plans and systems that New Way offers clients often include business strategy and planning, sales solutions, marketing, market research, financial advisory, team motivation and much more.

Furthermore, New Way has mastered the ability to reduce companies’ costs, increase sales and drive sustainable long-term growth. New Way specialises it’s services in providing consulting for businesses in areas such as agriculture, artificial intelligence and food & beverage but also carries out M&A operations. What makes New Way stand out in the industry is the personalized approach to consulting and M&A. New Way cares about the stories behind every company and ensures that the essence of a company is not lost or if needed even helps companies find their identity.

Business category: Business Service
Number of employees in Vietnam: 10