MET EV Joint Stock Company

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Address: 8 Nguyen Hue Blvd. District 1, HCMC | AI Innovation Hub @ Saigon Hi-Tech Park: Lot K1-G3, D1 Road, Tan Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC

Telephone: +84903010218




MET EV produces smart electric vehicles, including electric bikes, electric converter kits and electric boat converter kits. Our electric vehicles are powered by smart AI-driven battery management systems including battery charging and swapping options.

We offer a full range of electric vehicles for personal use including power pedal-assist bicycles for children from 13 years of age to and also electric cargo bikes.

MET possesses a highly skilled R&D team consisting of experts in the fields of electrical engineering, embedded systems, and machine learning. Their extensive expertise enables us to develop cutting-edge technological solutions. Through vertical integration, we manage manufacturing with speed, and cost-effectiveness, which in turn provides us with a significant advantage in price competition. MET offers customers convenience and peace of mind through various charging and battery-swapping options.

MET vehicles are equipped with an integrated application (mobile app) that enhances user-friendliness, convenience and safety. Also allows for B2B Fleet and Asset Management.

Our experienced leadership team with expertise in recruitment, training and network building gives us a distinct competitive edge.

We focus on customer experience with youthful and modern design at affordable prices.

Business Category: Electric Vehicles – Sustainable Transportation

Number of employees in Vietnam: 15