Matthias Ehrtmann

Rieckermann Matthias EHRTMANN scaled

Mr. Matthias Ehrtmann is currently the Head of the Division of Food Processing- & Pharmaceutical Technologies at Rieckermann Vietnam – an Industrial Solution Provider having its core competencies in providing Engineering, Machinery and Technical Services for several selected industries.

He studied Business Administration, paired with Foreign Trade Sales, in a dual system according to the ‘Hamburger Modell’ in Hamburg, Germany. For five years, he had lived and worked in Milan, Italy in a position of global food processing machinery sales, and nearly a year in Latin America.

Besides his mother tongue German, Mr. Ehrtmann is fluent in English, Italian and Spanish and advanced in French. He has started to study Vietnamese, since for him Vietnam has become his second home since the end of 2015. This is the fourth year consecutively, Mr. Ehrtmann dedicated his time and efforts for GBA and its members as a member of the GBA Board.