Many Touches

Address: 244 Cống Quỳnh, Phạm Ngũ Lão ward, District 1

Telephone: 02838228865




We are Many Touches Πa Vietnamese tech company founded in 2021 with one purpose:
Making the small actions in your life easy helps you connect with what is important in life.
Specifically, we design and create a near-field communication (NFC) ring to replace all the other devices you use in your everyday life from elevator cards and apartment keys to credit cards.
We sell the Swiss knife of modern times.
We found a way to combine all those cards together, in one single device.
Open your door, use your elevator, pay in restaurants and shops, enter your parking lot and much more with a battery-less and waterproof device that stays on your finger and that you forget about.
Add your cards to your ring through your app and use them anytime.
Add some money to your wallet and spend it with your ring.

Business Category: Information technology – software, hardware, equipment – IT

Number of employees in Vietnam: 20