Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam


Address: 194 Tran Quang Khai str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Ha Noi, Vietnam

Telephone: +84 24 2220 5544

Fax: +84 24 222 00 399



Established on 26 April 1957, BIDV is proud to be the longest established financial institution with the most valuable brand in Vietnam. BIDV is listed in the Top 2000 world’s largest companies; Top 300 world’s largest banks (Brand Finance); Top 10 largest enterprises in Vietnam for 4 consecutive years. BIDV has cemented its position as the leading bank in Vietnam, building a corporate culture imbued with BIDV personality which has been fostered over generations of staff. BIDV’s extensive network includes 189 branches and 871 transaction offices across 63 provinces in Vietnam. Currrently BIDV maintains a customer base of over 270,000 institutional clients and 10,000,000 individual clients. BIDV has been keenly promoting international economic integration by becoming a dynamic link for Vietnamese investors reaching out to overseas and international investors. BIDV understand the importance of FDI role in accelerating international economic integration, thus in Febuary 2016 BIDV FDI Department was established. BIDV FDI Department specializes in managing FDI clients, the department are structured to ensure we meet the needs of FDI clients. BIDV’s FDI Banking department is structured into 3 main pillars: (1) Relationship Manager (2) M&A and Advisory (3) Product Development team. Relationship manager teams consist of Vietnamese and foreign banking experts that speak fluent English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese who are well-versed in the international business culture and environment. M&A and Advisory team assists, provide legal advisory and consult FDI clients on corporate investments, mergers and acquisitions. Product development team design and tailor banking products and services to meet the needs of FDI clients.

Business Category: Financials – banks and diversified financials
Number of employees in Vietnam: 24,000