HDI Global SE

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Address: Germany: HDI Platz 1, 30659 Hannover, Germany | Singapore: 1 Raffles Place, One Raffles Place Tower 2, #21-61 Singapore 048616

Telephone: Germany: +49 511 645 3580 | Singapore: +65 6922 9522

Fax: Germany: +49 511 645 1113580 | Singapore: +65 6536 8085

Email: Danh.Duong@hdi.global

Website: www.hdi.global

Industrial insurer HDI Global SE (HDI) works with SMEs, industrial companies and corporate customers around the world. With operations in more than 150 countries, HDI offers tailor-made solutions ranging from liability, motor, accident and property insurance to coverage for marine, engineering and specialised, niche businesses. The industrial businesses HDI works with require specialised protection against specific risks. With a long history of risk assessment and management backing them up, HDI’s experts have the experience needed to provide clients with detailed information and customised coverage. Due to a history in the insurance business stretching back over 117 years, HDI enjoys a strong presence in Germany and the broader European market with an ever strengthening global footprint. Through branch offices and network partners around the world, HDI makes sure that customers with global businesses have the global risk protection they need. In the event of loss or damage, HDI is able to deliver immediate assistance around the world. HDI’s subsidiary, HDI Risk Consulting (HRC) supports clients with risk management systems and plans for loss prevention. HDI and HRC work with more than 180 engineers and experts from a wide range of disciplines. These specialists are focused on the identification and assessment of risks, which are mitigated with customised protection plans. As part of the Talanx Group, HDI manages the group’s Industrial Lines Division. In 2019, the 3,481 employees in this division generated gross written premiums of EUR 6.2 billion. Standard & Poor’s has given the Talanx Primary Group a financial strength rating of A+/stable (strong). HDI’s initials stand for “Haftpflichtverband der Deutschen Industrie”, or “Liability Insurance Association of German Industry”.

  • Business Category: Non-life General Insurance
  • Number of employees in Vietnam: 1