Germany – Vietnam Business Forum: Collaborative Pathways to Green Growth in Ho Chi Minh City

On March 28, Ho Chi Minh City hosted the Germany-Vietnam business forum, focusing on “Collaborative Pathways to Green Growth in Ho Chi Minh City,” which attracted over 150 attendees. The forum was a collaborative initiative between the Ho Chi Minh City Investment and Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC), the German Business Association (GBA), and the United Overseas Bank (UOB).

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The event provides a platform to update European investors, especially those from Germany, about local investment environment and new development mechanisms, thereby tapping investment cooperation potential between Ho Chi Minh City, neighbouring localities and European countries, especially in the fields of green growth, sustainable development and innovation.

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Cao Thi Phi Van, ITPC’s Deputy Director, emphasized the city’s dynamic nature as Vietnam’s economic, cultural, and technological heart, contributing a significant 25% to the national budget. With over 400,000 active enterprises, including close to 15,000 foreign investments, Ho Chi Minh City has outlined a green growth strategy extending to 2030 and envisioning up to 2050, prioritizing the welfare of its citizens and businesses.

Van further stated that Ho Chi Minh City is committed to remaining a welcoming and collaborative space for European and German enterprises, aiming to enhance future bilateral cooperation.

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Alexander Ziehe, GBA Chairman, highlighted the pivotal role of green growth in creating novel economic prospects and enhancing business competitiveness. He emphasized the rise of innovative business models and technologies, alongside the evolution of supply chains, as key drivers in advancing Vietnam’s economic development. This progress is marked by the promotion of eco-friendly products and services, market diversification, and the encouragement of green practices among business partners.

Furthermore, Ziehe shed light on the environmental, agricultural, and energy challenges brought forth by swift urbanization. He called for strategic policy improvements in financial, administrative, infrastructural, digital, and labor sectors to facilitate technological progress and raise industry standards.

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Erick Contreras, Chairman of the EuroCham Green Growth Sector Subcommittee, recommended that Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City adopt clear mechanisms to encourage energy-efficient investments, such as reducing electricity subsidies. He urged for prompt and cohesive strategies to integrate renewable energy into the national grid effectively. Contreras also highlighted the necessity for eco-friendly building materials, recycling, and comprehensive urban planning that includes green infrastructure, water, waste, and transportation management.

Representatives from the Ho Chi Minh City Institute For Investment Study, BASF, Syntera Solar International AG., Becis Development Fund, and FPT Software also shared their perspectives at the forum.

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