Gentherm Vietnam Co., Ltd.


Address: Dong Van II Industrial Zone Duy Tien, Ha Nam province

Telephone: +84 226 3825 599

Fax: +84 226 3838 889



Gentherm Vietnam is a subsidiary of GENTHERM INC. (NASDAQ:THRM) with headquarters in USA. In 2014, GENTHERM was ranked 2nd in Forbes 100 America’s Best Small Companies also the 12th in the list of Fortune 100 Fastest Growing Companies. The history of the company dates over 40 years with huge growths year-on year.  Gentherm has now reached a market equivalent of USD 1 billion in annual turnover.

Gentherm is a global developer of innovative thermal management technologies for a broad range of heating and cooling and temperature control applications. Automotive products include variable temperature Climate Control Seats, TrueThermTM cupholder and storage bins, heated automotive interior systems (including heated seats, steering wheels, armrests and other components), battery thermal management systems, cable systems and other electronic devices. Non-automotive products include remote power generation systems, heated and cooled furniture, patient temperature management systems, industrial environmental test chambers and related product testing services and other consumer and industrial temperature control applications. Gentherm has over thirteen thousand employees in facilities in the United States, Germany, Canada, China, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

GENTHERM VIETNAM CO., LTD was established in May 2014. The construction of the factory started in September of that same year and was completed within 12 months in August 2015. Operations were launched beginning of January 2016. This Gentherm factory is located on an area of 37,000sqm in Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province, Vietnam. The factory was built to follow the latest state-of the art principles in Safety and Lean Manufacturing as well as providing an environment where employees are encouraged to collaborate.

Business category: Automotive