GBA Family Day: A Celebration of Togetherness and Joy


On the sunny afternoon of June 1st, the German Business Association (GBA) celebrated Children’s Day by hosting the GBA Family Day at Vinhomes Central Park, Ho Chi Minh City. The event was a colorful tapestry of joy, laughter, and community spirit, with over 200 attendees coming together to celebrate the essence of family and togetherness.

The park was abuzz with activities, transforming into a lively playground where families engaged in a variety of outdoor games. These games were not just for fun but were carefully crafted to foster teamwork, ignite creativity, and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. It was a day that went beyond mere entertainment, serving as a testament to the GBA’s dedication to building a strong sense of community and belonging.

The GBA extends a heartfelt thank you to all participants of this delightful celebration, with a special mention to our event supporters, Many Touches and Mai Sen Bistro, for their exceptional contribution. We look forward to continuing this tradition and hope to see even more smiling faces at our future gatherings.

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