[GBA Corporate News] Dürr Vietnam Held Beach Cleaning Activity to Create Sustainable Community

Dürr Vietnam | The Joy of Ocean Cleaning Campaign Day

Phu Quoc, March 2023 – Dürr successfully organized an annual strategy workshop and a meaningful beach cleaning day with their growing team in Phu Quoc Vietnam. The beach cleaning was intended to help preserve the natural beauty of the coastal landscape and protect marine life by reducing ocean pollution, reflecting their company’s commitment to sustainability concept and mission to create harmony with people and nature.

This activity was aimed at promoting awareness of the importance of the natural environment and water – a precious resource used in the company operations and in the daily lives of employee – and emphasizing the contribution of Dürr to society through social engagement, partnerships and participation in global sustainability initiatives.

All members of Dürr Vietnam spent the whole morning for cleaning the beach of trash with full of used plastic bags, plastic bottles, fishing nets, household wastes which after were transported to a landfill and processed by the environmental company according to regulations. Joining hands to protect the environment is committed by the whole team and they look forward to many more green campaigns launched by Dürr Vietnam in the near future. 

Andrej Capek, CEO of Dürr SEA (Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia) said: “Despite being the youngest Dürr subsidiary founded in January 2019 here in Vietnam, we have committed to sustainable development in both the socio-economic field and environmental protection in the country. Through this initiative, every Dürr employee has a chance to participate in the company’s sustainable development. Small actions create a huge positive impact. The efforts not only help with environmental protection but also align with our global vision of a zero-waste and climate-neutral future.”