EUROASIATIC Vietnam Co., Ltd

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Address: 413/15B-413/19-413/21 Nguyen Kiem Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City S.R. of Vietnam

Telephone: +84 28 3995 5782

Fax: +84 28 3995 5970



EUROASIATIC VIETNAM CO., LTD. was licensed and established in May 2011 as a 100% foreign invested company under the laws of the S.R. of Vietnam.

EUROASIATIC Vietnam is part of the EUROASIATIC Group of companies, that is in business in South East Asia for meanwhile 50 years with its Head-Quarter in Indonesia and further affiliates in The Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Russia.

EUROASIATIC’s core business is steam and power generation for various industries, using different kind of fuel, like oil, gas, coal and biomass, the creation of alternative energy-solutions, use of renewable energy, application of fuel-saving technologies, etc…

Beside the energy business, EUROASIATIC is well-established and known as a reliable and qualified supplier of machinery, equipment, technology, complete lines and system-solutions for the production of various products in such industries like Wood-based Boards, Agro, Food & Beverage, Textile, Paper, Packaging and others.

EUROASIATIC VIETNAM over the last years put an intensified focus on the Transport-Sector of Vietnam in different directions, that much includes a close co-operation with VIETNAM RAILWAYS.

The Mining-Industry and Material-Handling is meanwhile also a field of business for EUROASIATIC in Vietnam, including sourcing of fabrications in Vietnam for projects in that industry worldwide.

EUROASIATIC with its experiences, generated over decades and qualified and motivated in-house personnel is in the position, to support customers within the range of full EPC-scope projects, even of BOT type.

EUROASIATIC VIETNAM CO., LTD. has been set-up in 2011 with the aim, to support further development and growth of EUROASIATIC’s business in Vietnam, in addition to the existing Representative Offices of EUROASIATIC JAYA PT in HCMC and Hanoi, already established since 1995, respectively 2002.

The major target of EUROASIATIC VIETNAM CO., LTD. is, to bring the EUROASIATIC’s typical services even closer to customers in Vietnam and to give additional benefits, by acting as a local company under the laws of Vietnam.

Business Category: Machinery Distributor
Employees in Vietnam: 35