EI Group

Address: No 7, Lane 34/61, Hoang Cau street, O Cho Dua, Dong Da, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Telephone: 0904699898



Website: www.eigroup.vn

Established on September 27, 2018, EI GROUP is an enterprise licensed by the Department of Education and Training. We are a pioneer in German and English language training, study abroad consulting, migration support, and human resource supply in developed countries such as Germany, the UK, Australia, the USA, Canada, Japan and Korea.
Up to now, EI Group has developed with 15 member companies, three institutes, and two branches, covering most of 63 provinces and cities in the country with more than 300 representative offices and reception offices.
We are committed to building a vocational education and training system to help students choose appropriate careers for a brighter future. Some prominent and popular professions, such as Mechanic, Hospitality, Chef, Food Processing Technology, Nursing, Construction, Tourism, Medical, Economics, Commercial, and Marketing, must be mentioned.
EI Group always puts “Prestige” first, taking it as a competitive goal, making every effort to ensure the benefits of international students, and supporting them to be well-trained, professional, and highly qualified. Therefore, they can work in big companies with stable incomes and build relationships with domestic and foreign customers, partners, and colleagues.
With a reputation for quality training and many preferential student policies, EI Group has become a trusted address for thousands of parents and students nationwide. With a total of more than 1500 students studying, EI Group increasingly asserts its leading position in the field of foreign language training, study abroad consulting, human resource supplying, and migration support with strategic partners such as BSW, DEB, MEV, VIDACTA, ATMC, TAMWOOD, SHAFSTON, ILSC..
Taking “Mind” and “Prestige” as a guideline for training activities, EI Group is confident in bringing the best teaching quality and professional services, helping students have a suitable study abroad route and the most cost savings.
Our mission is “Helping people in the working age population in Vietnam and all over the world to get a job with good income and change their life in the top twenty biggest world economies.”
Our vision is to become “THE FIRST CHOICE FOR A NEW LIFE”.
Our core value is “Prestige, success, mind, growth, speed, modesty”

Business Category: Educational and training services, HR, personnel services, real estate management, development.

Number of employees in Vietnam: 350