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Address: N4 street, Bau Bang hamlet, Lai Uyen town, Bau Bang District, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

Telephone: +84 2746 333 268




Ecoglove Manufacturing Company Limited was established in Jan 12 2021 by TCG (Thanh Cong Group), the 9th largest private Enterprise in Vietnam. Our manufacturer with a total of 78,000 square meters, allocated in a convenient location of Binh Duong Province, Ecoglove Manufacturing Company Limited is committed to become the top-quality medical glove manufacturer from Vietnam, with a total capital investment up to 100 million USD, Ecoglove’s production capacity reaches 3.3 billion pieces of Nitrile Medical Glove per year, ensuring the stable supply of high-quality medical gloves to global markets.

To the society, we have not only had strong commitment and high social responsibility, strictly complies with safety standards, eco-friendly clean energy consumption but well invested in water and gas treatment auxiliary systems with the most advanced technology to make sure our factory is truly green as well.

To our staffs, we take pride in our management team the most qualified and experienced personnels in the rubber gloves and medical gloves industry. At Ecoglove, we ensure a happy working environment for our employees with the aim for the highest customer satisfaction.

Business Category: Medical glove manufacturing

Number of employees in Vietnam: 500