Dirk Hartmann

4 Dirk Hartmann

Dirk Hartmann | General Manager of tesa Site Haiphong

With a major in Electrical Engineering, Mr. Dirk Hartmann started his professional career in 1988 in the field of engineering for manufacturing and production machinery and processes. While working in industries for base chemicals, Photographic Film and Paper manufacturing, and later in Adhesive Tapes, his experience always was connected to the processing of web-based materials, called “Coating and Converting”. Various roles as technical manager and director of engineering finally brought him to his first expat assignment with tesa as a General Manager for the new factory in Haiphong.

Mr. Dirk Hartmann gained experience in China already in the early 1990’s and continued to execute investment projects in Germany, US and China. This is the first time he is involved in a business association and feels high commitment to contribute to the further success of the German Business Association.