Copper Mountain Energy Joint Stock Company

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Address: 2F, M Building, No 8 Street, Tan Phu Ward, D7

Telephone: +84 28 7300 2998




Founded in 2018, CMES made its name as one of Vietnam’s leading renewable energy developers. Serving more than 100 clients in 20 industries across the country, CMES installed over 200 million MWp and generated over 2GWh of electricity each year. The company is supported by the Vietnam Oman Investment Fund, the joint venture established by the Oman Investment Authority and Vietnam’s State Capital Investment Corporation.

It commits to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that its development goes hand in hand with socio-economic and environmental sustainability. In November 2021, CMES signed a financing package with responsAbility Investment AG – a leading fund from Switzerland focusing on companies that aim for sustainable development, to advance further their green power promotion for the C&I segment in Vietnam. The company aimed to let its clients directly use green energy through the “Zero Cost Investment” business model.

Top Performer In Providing Renewable Energy

CMES is at the frontline of the decentralisation and decarbonisation movement in the Vietnamese renewable energy sector. It provides end-to-end solutions, with a strong value chain of Design – Engineering – Procurement – O&M leads to effectively control the projects’ quality, timelines, and costs. CMES dedicated to maximising performance and safety and minimising delays, using advanced technology and a ready – at – all – time warehouse. CMES is also 100% responsible for the investment, installation, operation and maintenance of its solar energy system while offering clients lower electricity prices than traditional electricity.

With such advantages, CMES has been entrusted with major projects in Vietnam with Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Adidas R&D Center and Hwaseung Vina. The company made sure to keep a high standard in construction time, the number of projects installed annually, criteria on health, safety, and environment.

Such effort paid off at the Top Strong Brand 2020 – 2021 in October 2021, where CMES qualified for winning The Investor in Solar – Renewable Energy 2021, surpassing 100 nominees across the country. In November, another feat for it was to be named the Solar Project Investor of the Year at the Solar Future Awards Ceremony in Shanghai, China.

Detailed Business Category: Renewable Energy – Rooftop Solar