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Address: 33 Le Duan, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC

Telephone: 0931500140


Email: Contact@2dhM.com

Website: www.2dhM.com

2DHM is a very small startup run by dynamic young people to develop new solutions to meet the changing needs of buyers, sellers and investors in the real estate business. constantly developing. 

With deep knowledge of the local market, high-end data and exclusive technology, multi-dimensional perspectives, customers who are individuals or small-scale real estate companies can easily use these solutions. This method to transform your business idea and achieve your goals. 

Real estate technology: leveraging technology learned from advanced countries around the world such as the US, Europe, Germany to streamline various aspects of the real estate industry, including practical usage virtual (VR), and augmented reality (AR) for real estate tours, secure transactions, and artificial intelligence (AI) for predictive analytics in property management. In addition, 2dhM company can provide a number of solutions for different services such as: 

Rental management: Search and lease, manage rental contracts, collect rent and resolve problems that arise during the rental process. 

Asset management: Helps owners manage their real estate assets. This includes maintenance and repairs, asset condition monitoring and laws relating to technical maintenance. 

Operations Management: Ensure day-to-day management of real estate assets, including staff management, service management and ensuring successful operations. 

Primary financial management: The company provides primary financial management services to owners, including settlement accounts, payment of expenses and preparation of financial reports.