[VIR News]: The road to facilitating German trade

On the occasion of “The Day of German Unity”, and 10-year anniversary of Vietnam-Germany Strategic Partnership, GBA board member Mr. Martin Koerner, in an interview with Vietnam Investment Review, have discussed about the growth potential and the decade-long journey between Vietnam and Germany.

“Germany is one of the key partners of Vietnam in Europe with bilateral growth of 25-30 per cent on-year with now over $15 billion in trade value, which represents 40 per cent of trade with the EU. The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement will further accelerate this growth in the years to come. Germany also serves as an important gateway and hub for Vietnamese companies and investors wishing to enter the European market.”, Mr. Koerner said.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Stoffers from Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Hanoi also shared his view on the new German government.

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