Board Information

Deep C Industrial Zones were first established in 1994 in Haiphong City with the development of Dinh Vu Industrial Zone (DVIZ/ Deep C I). With contribution from the local authority and a consortium of international investors, since then we have evolved to be one of the biggest industrial zone developers in Vietnam.
We understand that our clients operate in dynamic markets, and making decision on site selection is of vital importance. Therefore, our solution is to ensure that looking forward on our ceaseless efforts to create the most favorable conditions for our investors, we are able to accommodate those dynamic changes for our clients’ prompt time to market. Our strong platform in Haiphong city has intermodal connectivity of international airport, deep sea port, inland waterways, and highway within a stone’s throw. Upon this we have been continuously building and improving a synergy of prime industrial land and ready-built workshop/warehouse for lease with solid infrastructure developed by international and local expertise. Thanks to DVIZ’s success, and to further realize the potentials of this region, our investors have confirmed commitment in Vietnam with the development of four other industrial zones next to the existing DVIZ, creating the DEEP C INDUSTRIAL CLUSTER.