Vietnam applies extensive area code change (Area code 28 for HCMC & 24 for Hanoi from 17 June 2017)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Area code changes in Ho Chi Minh City (28), Hanoi (24), Dong Nai (251), Binh Duong (274), and a number of other provinces will take place on this Saturday, 17 June 2017.

The new area codes will be applied for 59 cities and provinces in three stages, from 11 February to 17 June, with steps taken to ensure the change will not confuse the public, the Ministry of Information and Communications announced.

In Vietnam, a landline phone number reads as follows: (country code) (area code) (phone number). The country code is +84 but it is not necessary to dial the area code to call within a city or province.

How you can reach AHK Vietnam: Please call +84 28 3823 9775 (for our HCMC office) and +84 24 3825 1420 (for our Hanoi office)

How to reach GBA Vietnam: Please call +84 28 3823 9772

According to the ministry, the area code change is necessary as the current codes are inconsistent, with “some provinces having a three-digit area code while others have one- or two-digit codes.”

Most of the new codes will be three-digit ones, except for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
Of the 63 cities and provinces, four northern provinces are allowed to keep their area codes: Vinh Phuc (211), Phu Tho (210), Hoa Binh (218) and Ha Giang (219).

Please kindly find as follows the current list of new area codes for 59 provinces in Vietnam:


Ms. Julia Goeb
Marketing & Communication Manager
+84 28 3823 9772, ext. 114