GBA Constitution



5.1 Every candidate wishing to apply for admission to the GERMAN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION as a Member must submit its written application to become a Member to the main office address of the GERMAN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION on an application form provided by the GERMAN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION.

5.2 Applications shall be considered by the Board at the next Board Meeting following receipt of a duly completed application form. The Board will decide on approval of Membership of an applicant by majority vote. The Board will promptly notify an applicant whether or not it has been approved as a Member.

5.3 The Board may, in its sole discretion, decide on the approval of Honorary Members by majority vote. Honorary Members may be appointed for such period as the Board shall decide and may be removed from the GERMAN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION by resolution of the Board. Except as otherwise stated herein, Honorary Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of Associate Members except that they shall not be entitled to claim any share of the property of the GERMAN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION on dissolution of the GERMAN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION and shall not be obliged to pay any annual fees for being Members of the GERMAN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION.

5.4 Acceptance of an applicant as a Member will be valid from the date when a majority of the Board Members approves the application of such candidate.

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